What to think about before redecorating

It probably doesn't surprise you to know that I LOVE a bit of decorating and DIY so I thought I'd share my top tips on how to get started if you're not sure what you want:

  • DECLUTTERING - before thinking about your new decor, it's the perfect opportunity to have a good clear out so here's a really good article from Livingetc on how to start decluttering your home
  • USAGE - have a really clear idea on how you use the space you want to transform, whether it's just a refresh of painting or you're looking to completely revamp it, it's a great chance to move things around and really utilise the space. 
  • COLOUR - if you're unsure of where to start, use a piece of furniture/artwork/sculpture that you love and use the colours/shapes from this to help put together a moodboard for the room. Pinterest is brilliant for looking at colour schemes and showing what colours go together or you can go old school and use magazines and cut out bits you like.

Mid century room divider painted with a retro rainbow design

  We used this mid century room divider as the starting point for the lounge, using retro colours we loved and my signature geometric design. We also wanted some fun element to the room so chose this black and white wallpaper which definitely fulfills the 'fun' factor but doesn't compete with the colours on the unit.

  • WALLPAPER VS PAINT - I'm a fan of both! I love the fact you can get so many vibrant patterned wallpapers now, you really can be as crazy as you like. So choose one that makes you smile and creates interest in your room. Pair it with either a contrasting colour paint or pick out one element and use it on your walls and woodwork - who said window frames have to be white?
Understair bathroom using black and yellow wallpaper, yellow painted window frames and woodwork plus lots of fake plants
I was desperate to use this wallpaper but it's very bold, even for me! So as the smallest room in the house, we knew it was perfect for the understairs toilet. We picked out the yellow and painted the window frame, skirting board and back of the door in the same colour 'cos why not?
  • SUSTAINABILITY - most of us have enough 'stuff' in our homes, some of which isn't to our tastes any longer but most of which can be reused or upcycled. And with sustainability being at the forefront of many peoples thoughts, upcycling really is the answer to mass produced new furniture. It saves pieces from landfill, cuts the need for new/raw materials and also gives you something completely personal to you. So, have a go at repurposing that bookcase into a shoe rack, or make some cushion covers from that old throw. And if you fancy upcycling that little side table, why not book onto my 'Introduction to Upcycling' workshop where you'll learn all the basics you need to start your very own projects. 
  • BE BRAVE - I truly believe that our homes and interiors should make us smile, happy and enjoy being in them. So paint your lounge in green stripes if it makes you happy. Furniture doesn't have to be just functional either, it can be bold, fun and individual. Who wants something everyone else has anyway? Not me!

Colourful hallway with black and white tiled flooring and a retro multicoloured patterned wallpaper

 Don't be afraid to put patterns together, as long as they compliment each other they can really work 

So there you go, my top tips on how to start thinking about refreshing your home - hope they've been helpful and happy redecorating!

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