Who is Pinkyswifts?

photo of amy slack from pinkyswifts
Hi I'm Amy!
I’m the owner, designer and maker behind Pinkyswifts. I live in Rushden, Northamptonshire with my husband and Reggie the dog.
I really love colour and pattern. And what I love even more is helping people to inject colour, sustainability and their own personality into their homes and workplaces.  

I have always loved making and building things and have never been afraid of trying new things so while watching The Repair Shop one evening, I realised that if I didn't act soon, I'd never know what I could have done! So I completed an HND in cabinet making in 2019 and learned the foundations of both building furniture from scratch and - crucially for my future career - how to fix furniture that had already lived a life.

Finding my style

I've always been drawn to a more geometric style - it helps that I love to measure and that precision is an absolute given!

And colour for me is what shows individual personality and style, so combining the two were definitely at the forefront of what I wanted to create. 

The many lives of furniture

Mid century bureau upcycled into drinks cabinet

This mid century bureau was my first piece. We'd had it for years and I just knew there was a way to make it come to life. It was the perfect starting piece for me as I practiced my craft and, as I became more skilled, its position as my first piece was easy to see.

So I refinished it again and it’s now a fabulous cocktail cabinet in someone elses home. It just goes to show how many lives good, well-made furniture can have.

Let’s talk!

So, if you have a piece you love and it might need to be shown some love too, get in touch and let’s see if we can add some 'Wow' to your home. I also offer a sourcing service so if you need a Pinkyswifts piece but don't have a starting point, let me know and I’m sure I can find the perfect piece for you!